Construction site security

Construction sites, filled with both hazards as well as valuable equipment, are incredibly vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and unwanted access. In light of this, Guardsline security inc understands the pressing need for security and strives to develop working strategies to ensure the safety of your site and prevent unwanted access. We do this by building a relationship with our clients, so we can effectively communicate needs and specifics and produce a thorough plan tailored specifically to each site. We have local roots and extensive experience working on construction sites and would love to start a partnership with you today!

Our primary mission at GSI is to ensure the security of your equipment, property, and personnel. Thus, we work hard to scout for potential weaknesses at your site and prevent unwanted access. The nature of construction sites requires that there be many contractors on the site representing several different firms. We realize this at Guardsline security and are proud to offer 24-hour security service to prevent any and all unwanted access or theft. We employ sophisticated technology to log who has access to the site and thus can address any issues instantly.

In addition to our tested and proven strategies for securing construction sites, the reason GSI is so successful is because of our highly trained officers. We hire only the best candidates to become our officers and apply extensive training to ensure that they will do the best job possible.

  • Constant patrols of the site and electronic check-ins to all checkpoints
  • Logs of any suspicious activity
  • Supervision of all entry points and immediate prevention of unwanted access or removal of equipment
  • Searching for any potential weaknesses and informing the Operations Manager
  • Daily check-ins with the field supervisor to communicate any issues or specific needs
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