Residential security

Guardsline Security Inc strives to ensure the safety and security of all pieces of a residential complex, including the tenants, their property, and any facilities included in the complex. In the many years that we have been working at residential buildings, we have gained more than enough experience to effectively carry out these goals. GSI can be flexible with each of our clients’ specific needs and has experience working in a number of different settings.

Our first and foremost goal securing residential properties is to ensure the safety of the tenants. We accomplish this through our well-known onsite guard service, which includes extensive patrols of the site, electronic checkpoints, logs of all suspicious activity, and constant communication with the on duty manager and supervisor. Additionally, we also work hard to ensure the security of other parts of a residential complex. We are prepared to protect vehicles of tenants and employees, strictly enforce parking rules, and prevent unwanted access, vandalism, or theft from facilities including pools, gyms, and offices. With our onsite guard service, you can be sure that all parts of your residential complex are protected and secure.

We are able to execute our tested and proven residential security strategies due to our highly qualified and trained guards. Each of our guards has received extensive background checks, fingerprint analysis, and thorough training to ensure that they are well-prepared to serve your needs. We are confident in the ability of our officers to ensure the security of your residential complex.

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