Business Campus Security

Maintaining a safe working environment

The sheer amount of people that enter and exit a business’s campus each day naturally leads to a high risk of threats. Without a strong and efficient security team to locate and prevent potential threats before they happen, a business campus will quickly see the productivity of its members decline as they worry for their safety. GSI understands the need for security on campuses of all types and sizes and thus works hard to provide a top of the line campus security service.

  • Guardsline Security Inc offers:

  • Flexible schedules with options for around-the-clock coverage
  • Daily written activity reports
  • Electronic checkpoint system
  • Highly trained and uniformed guards
  • Immediate responses to calls from managers, workers, or other personnel
  • Options for mobile or foot patrol
  • Locking and unlocking of buildings and gates
  • Tested and proven onsite guard coverage


If you operate a campus in need of a strong security team, contact us to receive a free quote and/or service proposal.

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