Shopping Center Security

Protecting Vendors and Customers for a Safe Shopping Experience

Due to their nature, malls and shopping centers can quickly become a hotbed for theft, vandalism, or other criminal activity if left unsupervised. Customers and vendors alike who feel unsafe at a shopping center will decide to go somewhere else! As such, a trained and thorough security team that can stop crime and suspicious activity before it happens is crucial for the success of a shopping center or mall. GSI understands the importance of a strong security presence and has plenty of experience serving shopping centers and malls across the south bay. We work with managers and local police departments when necessary to determine possible threats and have lowered or prevented break-ins and other criminal activity at several shopping centers that we have worked at.

  • Guardsline Security Inc offers:

  • Flexible schedules with options for around-the-clock coverage
  • Daily written activity reports
  • Electronic checkpoint system
  • Highly trained and uniformed guards
  • Immediate responses to calls from managers or tenants
  • Options for mobile or foot patrol
  • Locking and unlocking of shops, gates, and other buildings
  • Tested and proven onsite guard coverage


All of our guards are thoroughly vetted, trained, insured, and licensed. We take pride in the quality of our work and believe that GSI is right for you! If you own or manage a shopping center in need of an experienced security team, contact us to receive a free quote and/or service proposal.

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