Warehouse Security

The complicated logistics involved in a warehouse and transportation operation make a strong security team an absolute necessity. We understand this at Guardsline security and strive to develop working strategies to ensure the safety of all steps of your operation. We work hard to build lasting relationships with our clients, so we can more effectively communicate potential issues and needs to ensure that we can produce a well-thought-out plan tailored specifically to each operation.

GSI is prepared to secure all parts of your operation, as we have extensive experience working in warehouses and transportation hubs. The goods contained in the warehouse are often attractive to potential burglars, and the several complicated steps to each operation creates many potential weaknesses. We at Guardsline security understand this and are proud to offer 24-hour service to ensure the prevention of unwanted access, theft, or danger to your personnel and equipment. Our strategies include constant control of access to the front gate as well as continuous patrols of the site and trucking zone. We use sophisticated technology to log all activity and thus can respond to any issues immediately.

Guardsline Security’s onsite guard service is one of the best, mostly due to the quality of the officers we provide. Each of our guards is background checked and fingerprinted by the FBI and Department of Justice and then licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. We then thoroughly train our guards to ensure that each guard is well-suited to protect our clients’ sites. We are licensed and insured by state, and local governments and are more than confident in the qualifications of our officers. Our Warehouse Security Service includes:

  • Constant patrols of the site, including the warehouse, its surroundings, and any potential entry points by
  • the trucking operation
  • Electronic check-ins to all checkpoints
  • Logs of any suspicious activity
  • Supervision of the front gate as well as any other access points
  • Searching for any potential weaknesses at the site
  • Daily check-ins with the site supervisor to address any issues or specific needs
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